Marc Kaufmann

Assistant Professor in Economics and Business

Central European University


I do applied theory in behavioral economics, currently focusing on projection bias and narrow bracketing. On the applied side, I measure these biases experimentally. On the theory side, I explore how they affect work and study decisions, with a focus on implications for education and personnel management.


  • Behavioral Economics
  • Experimental Economics
  • Personnel Economics


  • PhD in Economics, 2017

    Harvard University

  • MSc Economics, 2011

    Université Libre de Bruxelles

  • MMath, 2008

    University of Cambridge

Working Papers

Narrow Bracketing in Work Choices

Many important economic outcomes result from cumulative effects of smaller choices, so the best outcomes require accounting for other …

Projection Bias in Effort Choices

Working becomes harder as we grow tired or bored. I model individuals who underestimate these changes in marginal disutility – as …

Excuse Driven Present Bias

In a laboratory experiment, we test the hypothesis that people behave in more present-biased ways when they can excuse such behavior. …


Excuse-Driven Present Bias
Projection Bias in Effort Choices
Projection Bias in Effort Choices
Projection Bias in Effort Choices
Projection Bias in Effort Choices

Conference Talks

Excuse-Driven Present Bias NCBEE Kiel

Excuse-Driven Present Bias ESA Dijon

Projection Bias in Effort Choices