Marc Kaufmann

Assistant Professor in Economics and Business

Central European University


I do applied theory in behavioral economics, currently focusing on projection bias and narrow bracketing. On the applied side, I measure these biases experimentally. On the theory side, I explore how they affect work and study decisions, with a focus on implications for education and personnel management.


  • Behavioral Economics
  • Experimental Economics
  • Personnel Economics


  • PhD in Economics, 2017

    Harvard University

  • MSc Economics, 2011

    Université Libre de Bruxelles

  • MMath, 2008

    University of Cambridge

Working Papers

Narrow Bracketing in Work Choices

Many important economic outcomes result from cumulative effects of smaller choices, so the best outcomes require accounting for other …

Projection Bias in Effort Choices: Extended Version

Working becomes harder as we grow tired or bored. I model individuals who underestimate these changes in marginal disutility – as …

Why Do Migrants Stay Unexpectedly?

Empirical evidence suggests that a large proportion of immigrants who initially intended to stay temporarily in the destination country …

Projection Bias in Effort Choices

I model individuals working on a long-term task who, due to projection bias, underestimate changes in marginal disutility. At the start …

Excuse Driven Present Bias

In a laboratory experiment, we test the hypothesis that people behave in more present-biased ways when they can excuse such behavior. …


Excuse-Driven Present Bias
Projection Bias in Effort Choices
Projection Bias in Effort Choices
Projection Bias in Effort Choices
Projection Bias in Effort Choices

Conference Talks

Narrow Bracketing in Work Choices ASFEE 2021

Projection Bias in Effort Choices SPUDM 2021

Narrow Bracketing in Effort Choices ESA 2020

Excuse-Driven Present Bias NCBEE Kiel

Excuse-Driven Present Bias ESA Dijon